3 Classes of Steel Staircases to Blend into Your Interior Design Style

Spiral StaircaseMany people hate the idea of having a steel staircase in indoor spaces, based on claims that such structures lack style and character. It is until they see one that has taken careful detailing that they find the significance of installing one indoors.

Also, banking on the properties of durability and strength in steel, you can create slim yet elegant stairs that will blend seamlessly with other elements in your interior design.

To create such sleek staircases from steel, however, requires precision machining and minimal welding to hide any joinery into the detailing, for a perfect finish. Noting that steel is highly recyclable, using it will also help you meet your building regulations for constructing green structures.

You could have your steel stairways in varying designs, depending on the function you want them to play. Among these are:

1. Floating Stairways

Their versatility finds them multiple uses to suit different interior design styles. Additionally, their extra slim design will help you open up your interior spaces. You, however, would need to install handrails or glass balustrades for safety purposes.

2. Spiral Stairways

Typically, these are custom stairs and are a little difficult to achieve without careful designing and installing. But, a creative placement of the railings will add to the elegance of your interior style. You can choose to have spiral stairways as complete helical structures or take half or quarter turns.

3. Straight Flights

These are the simplest of the three steel stairway designs. They, however, come with multiple options for colours and types of finish to use to enhance their architectural significance in your interior spaces.

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You can choose to add functionality and durability for your steel staircase by opting for galvanised finishing. Also, check previous projects that the supplier or installer has constructed to determine whether their level of expertise will meet your design requirements.

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