3 Steps to Finally Organize Your Garage

a garage doorDoes it take you forever to find anything in your garage? Has your wife been nagging you to organize the garage for years? Taking action on a job so massive can be difficult because of all the possible damages, repairs, and heavy lifting you’ll have to deal with along the way.

Perhaps you can begin by looking for companies that specialize in garage door repair here in Utah to fix any dents or squeaky hinges on the mechanism that protects everything in your garage. Then you can do these tips to achieve the organized garage your wife will love you more for.

1. Group Things Up

This is the most daunting of steps but give it a few minutes, and you’ll be on a roll. Put all car stuff together, all garden stuff together, and so on. As you do, discard empty containers, and things that are irreparable. This task alone can give you a picture of how much storage space you’ll need to build for.

2. Determine and Build Storage Areas

Find the areas where you can build corner shelves, garage cabinets, ceiling track storage, or bike hooks. Stand in the middle of your garage and look around. Map out where all the stuff will go so you’ll know what materials to buy.

If you need the help of a professional to determine the best kind of storage and shelving in your garage, don’t hesitate to call one. If you have teenagers, ask them to help you set it up during their free time.

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3. Put Things in Their Place

Once all your shelves, cabinets and whatnots are in place, you can now put things where they belong. You can create labels like “Car Care” or “Christmas Decors” or “Camping Gear” to make things easier to find when you need them.

Once you see some space clear up and your garage decluttered, your wife’s satisfied smile will surely follow. Keep safety measures in mind during the whole process and make sure that all new storage installments are secured especially the ones overhead.

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