3 Temporary Fixes for Minor Leaks at Home

a man repairing the pipe in the kitchenMinor leaks in your house can quickly escalate to real disasters. Employing preventive measures to minimize the likelihood of leaky pipes is, therefore, essential. Clogging is the most common cause of leaks. Hiring drain cleaning services from Texas, such as Alfa Plumbing Services, will help avoid associated mishaps. Once you experience leaks, prevent further damage by doing the following as you await your plumber to arrive.

Use Plumbing Epoxy

Plumbing epoxy is quite easy and comfortable to use. It adheres to the pipes while allowing you to work it around the cracks. Turn off the water supply and mold the epoxy into the appropriate shape depending on the kind of break you are repairing. Apply it around the area, efficiently covering it, so every part is well closed. Allow it to rest for a while before turning the water on. This should serve you well enough until help arrives.

Tape the Crack

Another quick way to fix minor drips is by using tape. Silicone and rubber repair tapes are quite thick, stretchy, and appropriate for minor pipe repairs. In case you do not have these, duct tape can also work just fine. Wrap the tape around the problematic area as tightly are you can. How well this works and lasts depends on how tightly you seal the broken pipe.

Apply PVC Glue

PVC glue is also quite efficient as a quick fix for minor leaks, primarily if they are occurring on the joints. The glue fuses the broken parts thus offering a temporary repair and allowing you to continue supplying water where it is needed. As it immediately the pipe starts leaking, but be sure to clean and dry off the area you will be working on.

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While the above quick fixes offer a temporary reprieve and allow you to access water without worrying about the leaks, they do not last. Contact your plumber as soon as you notice the leak for a permanent solution.

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