3 Things About Leasing a Dishwasher You Need to Know Now

Dishwasher with clean platesStarting a restaurant business involves making the decision of leasing a commercial dishwasher. In truth, leasing offers more flexibility and convenience for the restaurant owner, and here are three ways you can benefit from it. BC Industrial Services, LLC tells us more.

1. Fewer Maintenance Costs

When you lease a dishwasher for your commercial kitchen, you gain two things: peace of mind and savings. You get to enjoy using equipment that’s specifically built for your kitchen requirements while not having to worry about repairs.

As you are only leasing the equipment, the leasing company will cover maintenance requirements and repairs expenses. You’ll have more savings and fewer headaches down the line.

2. Easier to Upgrade

You can upgrade your dishwashing equipment upon renewal of your lease agreement. This flexibility is beneficial to any restaurant owner as they get to upgrade to newer equipment models without spending so much as renewing a contract.

Leasing makes it easier to upgrade to a model that suits your growing business needs. Removal of old equipment and installation of the new one will all be handled by the leasing company, which makes it a really convenient option for any restaurant owner.

3. Timely Equipment Service

Calling for service is usually a nightmare. But with leased equipment, you can get service fast from the in-house team. Your equipment will be serviced by a team of experts who know the product in and out and can provide the best type of service to ensure to the longevity of your leased equipment.

There is also less downtime as service is delivered immediately and completed in a timely manner. In a fast-paced business environment, quick service and a well-functioning dishwasher are essential to operating a kitchen smoothly.

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Leasing a commercial dishwasher offers you the ability to use the appropriate, top of the line equipment in a cost-effective way. A lease offers ease in maintenance, the option to upgrade, and timely equipment service without creating a dent in your budget.

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