3 Ways to Integrate Vintage Lighting into Your Kitchen’s Interior

Interior Design of a KitchenWhen it comes to decorating your kitchen, you don’t have to stick to a specific style. You can enjoy a traditional farmhouse kitchen and add a few contemporary accents – the same way you can play with a modern design with antique fixtures. The key is in how you incorporate these elements. Here’s a little guide to adding antique lighting for an eclectic, personalized kitchen décor:

Eye-catching Lantern

Living structures were drafty before the dawn of airtight, energy-efficient homes. This required the use of glass or metal enclosures to protect flames from being extinguished. Thanks to advances in technology, these lighting fixtures are now electrical. Still, many homeowners want to keep the aged charm of old lanterns into their homes. For instance, as Authentic Provence suggests, you might want to consider placing a classic Stilnovo floor lamp to conceal an awkward corner of your kitchen.

Upgraded Candelabra

Candles were the oldest light fixtures. As metal craftsmanship improved, these candles were installed in holders and suspended from the ceilings. Its historic design inspired most of today’s chandeliers. If you’re all about Mediterranean décor, you might want to go for a simple metal circle topped by candle-shaped bulbs. The end result is an astonishing, vintage focal point in your contemporary kitchen.

Laid-back Lamp Pendants

Sometimes, simple is best. Clear suspended glass pendants can make for a casual and inviting look for that laid-back cooking at the kitchen. This type of lighting gives the impression of re-purposed jars turned upside down over a flame. The glass allows you to see right through the enclosed bulbs, as well as the surrounding elements. As they provide an airy and roomy vibe, suspended lamp pendants are a great choice for kitchens with limited space.

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If you’re looking for something to revamp your interior, consider getting antique lighting. Its vintage appeal works well with both traditional and modern kitchen designs, and it can easily be the focal point of the room.

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