3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Heavy Rains

Man Repairing RoofIt’s easy to forget about taking care of your home when you have a lot of other responsibilities to juggle. However, you need to dedicate some time to check if your home is still in good condition. This way, you can be prepared for any tough weather conditions like a typhoon. Here are a few things you must do to keep your home safe from strong winds and heavy rains.

Keep the Gutters Clean

Your rain gutter must always be clean and free from dirt and debris that may block it. Otherwise, the rainwater will overflow and a flood may occur. When this happens, you may even need to replace your gutter. To clean it, use a tong and pull out leaves, small twigs, and other particles that may clog it, an expert from Dtiutah.com advised. While you’re at it, check the nails of the gutter and tighten the loose ones.

Always Check the Roof

Sometimes, it takes time for roof damages to be apparent and for leaks to happen. That’s why you need to check your roof even if it seems fine. You may not notice that there are already missing shingles and other signs of wear and tear until you climb up a ladder and see for yourself. When you see damages, call a roofer as soon as possible to know what must be done. It either needs repair or a replacement.

Repair Cracks on Concrete

Some people just ignore the cracks on concrete walls, however, this can cause problems when left unrepaired. The cracks may make way for water that will then soften and damage the concrete walls even more. For small cracks, use a hose first to clean the cracks. Then, apply the caulk to make the fix seem natural. For bigger ones, you need to buy a concrete patch.

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Follow these tips and your home will surely be safer and protected from typhoons and heavy rains.

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