4 Creative Loft Conversion Ideas for Your Home

Renovating a Home AreaMore and more homeowners in London realise that loft conversion is one of the most appealing ways to give their homes a makeover.

Not only does it add extra value to your home should they sell it in the future, loft conversion rooms also allow you to make use of all the extra space.

Most people don’t think much about their attic. The experts at East London Loft Rooms say that there are many ways you can convert that attic space to something that could enhance your home. Here are four ways you can turn your attic from a dark and dusty dumping room into a cosy and stylish loft room that you could furnish according to your needs.

1. Add a Luxurious Extra Bathroom

Turn the attic into a loft bathroom that you can use as a relaxing retreat at the end of the day. While showers can be hard to install, you can position a luxurious freestanding bath any corner of the loft.

2. Take Advantage of Height

Maximise your floor space by installing a mezzanine. If you have a double-height room, a loft conversion bedroom can also have an en suite bathroom on the upper floor. Or you can install a snug home office, a library, or even a breakfast nook under a row of skylights.

3. Let Natural Light Flow In

Keep the loft light and airy by installing as many windows as possible. Roof windows make the room look bright and effortless, but dormer windows allow you to increase head height. Playful wallpapers and pale-coloured décor can also help keep the atmosphere fresh and easy.

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4. Be Effective with Décor

Obviously, you lose out on space with the slanted walls and ceilings, but choosing the right type of décor can help you create a stylish atmosphere. If the slant is extensive, paint the walls and ceilings the same colour. Wallpaper can also add instant personality to the room.

As with many renovation projects, you might need to address some legal necessities first before being permitted to begin the loft conversion. Do the research on any permits you might need to obtain to make sure you don’t run into legal problems down the road.

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