4 Essential Reasons You Need a Furnace Tune-up

Furnace Maintenance While you’ve probably already heard that you need a regular furnace tune-up, what you may not have heard is why this is necessary.

What are the benefits of having your furnace checked every other year (or every year, if your system is more than a decade old)? Here are four of them:

Maintenance of warranty

Most furnaces come with a manufacturer’s warranty that only remains intact if you ensure to the regular maintenance of the furnace is. Unless you follow these stipulations, you risk voiding the warranty and losing out in case your furnace breaks down.

Enhancement of safety in your home

A furnace tune-up helps detect and prevent gas leaks which may prove a serious safety risk. As some furnaces burn natural gas to produce heat, carbon monoxide leaks are also possible. These leaks may be lethal as carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas. Ensuring that your gas furnace is well maintained helps keep your home safer.

A furnace tune-up saves you repair costs

The process of a tune-up leads to minor repairs and adjustments of your furnace, which increases your furnace’s lifespan and saves the money you would have spent on major repairs on a broken-down furnace. Moreover, major problems are unlikely when you maintain your furnace’s performance at a high peak. By ensuring continuous airflow, a tune-up prevents or lifts strain off your furnace and keeps it from breaking down sooner than you expect.

Makes your furnace energy efficient

During a tune-up, the technician checks and thoroughly cleans the burner. The technician also checks how the heat exchanger is working and fixes any problems that may result in inefficiencies.

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These checks ensure that your furnace saves energy; hence getting furnace maintenance on your system at your Salt Lake City home or business saves you money, in the long run, and helps to keep your indoor space comfortable and hazard-free.


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