4 Reasons to Convince You that Having a Swimming Pool is Worth It

Pool At HomeA lot has been said about how swimming pools don’t add value to your homes. Realtors claim that buyers can even shy away from it unless all the houses on that block or in the neighborhood have them. While it’s good to consider possible long-term plan of selling your property, should it stop you from enjoying a pool? The answer is a big resounding ‘no.’ With the weather in Brisbane, diving into your own pool always sounds like a great idea.

1. Entertainment for the kids

If you plan to have kids, having a pool would be a much better entertainment than, say, iPad or TV. You want your kids to have fun and enjoy the outdoors, don’t you? For sure, summer days in the pool would become a fun memory to them as they grow up.

2. Place to gather friends and family

Having a pool would mean more barbecue parties with family and close friends. If you are like most families who are scattered in different cities, a house with a pool may mean frequent get together and bonding moments. You also don’t have to rack your brain about what to do the next time you gather your friends. The pool would be something that all ages would enjoy.

3. Access to regular exercise

Now you can’t complain anymore that the gyms is a long drive from your house or that you failed to wake up early for the yoga or pilates class. You can wake up anytime of the day and go straight to burn calories in the pool.

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4. Flexible and creative use of space

Maintaining a pool can be quite a lot of work, so you need to maximise its use. Nonetheless, what happens when years down the road, it can no longer hold its purpose? Sure an empty, old pool isn’t a particularly lovely sight. Fortunately, you can transform it into other creative spaces. Lifesyle writer Jill Russell once wrote about how you can repurpose an old pool. Some of her suggestions include a garden, a separate studio, pond, patio or a deck.

Having a pool at home is a great way to create bonding activities for the whole family. It also increases the resale value of your home.

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