5 Pro-tips for Choosing the Best Fence for Your Swimming Pool

Pool Fence

When it comes to pool fencing, homeowners have several fence options to choose from and various things to consider before installing a fence. The following five tips will help you build a pool fence that meets the unique needs of your pool, family, and lifestyle.


1. Design your swimming pool with its fence in mind.

Planning the pool, the patio and the pool fence all together helps to avoid hidden pool costs and achieve an attractive, cohesive look. Such planning will also help you to pick a fence that will integrate well with the landscaping, pool, and the rest of the home.

2. Consider fence maintenance.

Different fence materials have different maintenance demands. Accordingly, consider the amount of time you can afford to spend maintaining your fence before you settle on a material. Wooden fencing needs a lot of maintenance. Conversely, an aluminum pool fence requires minimal ongoing upkeep and therefore an excellent choice for busy homeowners.

3. Beware of local safety rules.

Your local legislation and homeowners association may have legally enforceable rules and regulations on fencing. Your local government’s pool ordinances may involve:

•   the height of the pool fence

•    alarms

•    gates

•    space between the bottom of the pool fence and the ground

•    space between the fence’s vertical slats, and

•    lack of foot or hand holds.

Adhere to the set rules to avoid hefty fines and probably prevent a tragedy.

4. Look for additional safety features.

When shopping for a pool fence, look for one that has self-latching gates, alarms, and other extra safety features. Such a fence will offer an additional measure of security for your swimming pool.

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5. Hire the right pool fence contractor.

Pick a fencing professional from a company that has the necessary licenses and references. Also, choose a contractor who will help secure any permits you may require from your county or city.

A pool fence is both practical and aesthetic. Consider the pros and cons of different fencing materials and choose the option that meets the specific needs of your pool and home.

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