5 Reasons to Inspect and Change Your Furnace Filter

TA man installing a heaterhe U.S. Department of Energy advises homeowners to inspect, clean, or change their HVAC air filters monthly. But why is cleaning or replacing air filters essential? Here are five reasons for changing the furnace filter regularly:

To extend the life of an HVAC unit

A dirty air filter can damage your HVAC equipment, leading to early failure, costly repairs, and even replacement. Dirt restricts the free flow of air, and this can cause your system to overheat. Consequently, the motor works harder than necessary, putting the unit at risk of damage.

Airtime Heating & Cooling and other experts stress monthly filter changes and annual furnace tune-ups in Lehi are easy ways to lengthen the life of a heating system.

To keep energy costs down

A clogged air filter causes a furnace to use more energy, resulting in an increase in your electricity bills. Changing your filters can reduce your heating costs by 5 to 15%.

To protect indoor air quality

It’s essential to maintain healthy air quality especially if you or someone else in your household has respiratory health concerns. Clogged filters worsen the indoor air quality, and allergies if allergens accumulate and spread.

To keep the HVAC system clean

Dirt that has accumulated in the air filter can pollute the entire heating and cooling system. If that happens, your system may require additional service, repairs, and parts.

For your peace of mind

When you replace your filter as recommended, you will rest easy knowing that you’re doing your duty to protect your indoor air quality. Knowing that you’re making energy savings and extending the life of your heating system is also gratifying.

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Your furnace tune-up contractor can show you how to inspect and clean or change filters. Remember, a clogged filter can increase your energy costs, damage your equipment, and adversely affect your indoor air quality.

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