5 Signs You Have Hard Water at Home

home water filterHard water contains high quantities of mineral salts such as magnesium, ferrous iron, and calcium in the form of sulphates, chloride and bicarbonates, which can all cause problems at your home. Here are some of the signs that tell you have hard water and that you need to invest in water purifying equipment:

Scum on shower doors and walls

Hard water leaves films of mineral salts whenever it mixes up with soap. You may find scum on your bathroom walls and doors even if you clean them regularly.

Dull clothes after washing

You may find that your clothing looks dull or gets stains after washing, especially if the water has iron deposits in it. You may also see reddish stains on the sink and toilet bowls if the water contains iron.

Strange taste

Another reason you might need to call water softener experts in Provo like Kinetico Utah is strange-tasting water. The minerals in water have a distinctive metallic taste and sometimes accompanied by a smell. Also, the water may not be clear in your glass.

Irritated skin

People with sensitive skin feel that their skin has dried out and is itchy after taking a bath with hard water. The minerals that are left behind are responsible for sucking out the moisture on the skin. Hard water can make eczema condition worsen.

Clogged steel pipes

The minerals clog steel pipes, constricting the flow of the water. The first place to experience this may be the showerhead. However, if you have copper or PVC pipes, you may not experience this.

You can escape all of these problems if you have your water purified as soon as possible. You may test the actual mineral content in your water with cheap kits in the market before having the water purified.

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