5 Steps to Avoid Moving Fraud

Reputable Moving Company in DenverSummer and spring are the busiest seasons for moving companies. They are also peak seasons for fraud movers.

The U.S. Department of Transportation describes moving fraud as holding loads hostage, damaging or losing goods, and practicing deceptive ways, such as overcharging and insurance issues, among others. The government shares that one in 10 report hostage loading as an issue, with movers demanding more money before delivery.

You can protect your move by choosing a reputable local moving service like lightspeeddelivery.com. Here are five steps to help you find the right company and ensure a successful move:

1. Meet Them in Person

A legitimate mover will have an office where you can meet the owner or officers in charge, in person. While you can do most transactions online, a personal visit ensures you’re dealing with a good business. 

2. Get Everything in Writing

Get pertinent details in writing, especially when it concerns payments and policies regarding delay with delivery or damaged items. Your contract with the service will help you to settle any issue during the move. And read the contract thoroughly before signing.

3. Check the Company’s Trucks

A legitimate moving company invests in reliable vehicles to transport your belongings. The company’s trucks should be in good condition, and the vehicles should bear the service’s name. A reputable service will brand its trucks to advertise and gain more business.

4. Pay with Credit Card

Reputable moving companies will accept credit card payments. Using a credit card also helps you manage expenses during the move.

5. Know Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Consumer

Movers need to furnish you with information on your rights and responsibilities as a client. They also need to provide you with a procedure for handling complaints.

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Avoid problems with your move. And make an informed decision about your mover.

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