5 Steps to Maintain Electrical Safety at Home

Man fixing the electrical systemDon't put the safety of everyone in your home at risk. Follow these simple and easy rules to prevent any electrical hazards in your space:

1. Avoid plugging multiple devices into one single power outlet. Otherwise, it may cause a short circuit or power surge that might cause an accident or worse, burn down your home.

2. Don't poke or stick any foreign object on any electrical source or else it might electrocute you. If there are kids running around your space, be sure to cover them up and keep them hidden away from their attention. This is the best thing you can do to keep them off from poking or playing with it.

3. Watch out for overgrown trees in your garden. Prune and trim plants that might be bothering the power lines, as it may likely cause fire and disturb the flow of electricity in your home. Routine cutting and trimming of trees could not only prevent electrical hazards, but could also keep your home safe during strong winds or typhoon.

4. Be careful when unplugging electrical cords or cable. Instead of yanking the wire, pull off the power plug directly because it may damage the cable. Oftentimes, the simple habit of pulling these is the cause of electrical issues. If you're feeling unsafe disconnecting the cords just as it is, you may use a cloth to hold them. 

5. As a general rule, don't try to fix any major electrical issue, especially if you're not trained or skilled to do it. There are licensed and professional electricians from Salt Lake City who can solve this problem, so better to give them a call. Another important reminder is to have your home undergo to a complete electrical inspection to see if there are other parts of your home that requires attention.

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Don't let electrical troubles bug your peaceful home living with these safety rules. Remember to constantly check every electrical outlet including the main switch for the safety and protection of your family and property.


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