After a Celebration: What Do You Do to Avoid a Pipe Clogging Nightmare?

Woman using plunger to unclog kitchen sinkThe day after any special occasion, whether it’s a holiday or a birthday, will leave you with a kitchen nightmare. Not only will you look at a massive cleanup of your kitchen. But you’re also likely to deal with clogging kitchen sinks, pipes, and bathrooms.

How are Drains Clogged?

You’ll have plenty of guests over for big celebrations. This means a big feast, and a big feast could mean some leftovers. The chicken, turkey, or pasta could end up down the drain and clog the kitchen sink. Stringy, fibrous, and starchy food can get stuck in garbage disposal units. Basically, any hard-to-grind food could clog up your sink and spell trouble for your pipes.

Apart from leftovers, All Hours Plumbing and HVAC adds that small objects, grease, and hair buildup in the pipes preventing the smooth flow of water. Over time, this will lead to all kinds of problems in your home, from clogged pipes to mold to backed up toilets.

How to Avoid Having Clogged Drains

Nothing can be as embarrassing as a backed up toilet. It’s not only disgusting, but it’s also an inconvenience. Avoid the stress by doing the following:

• Remove all the solid grease from the pans using towels instead of pouring it in the sink.

• Throw away solid food remains such as chicken skins, potatoes peels, and other fibrous food into garbage cans, not the kitchen sink.

• Let water run when disposing of garbage.

• Never allow the garbage disposal unit to get filled up before using it.

Avoid flushing cotton balls, toilet paper, paper towels, cigarette butts, and disposable diapers in your toilets. They not only create plumbing problems, but also environmental issues.

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When all else fails, and your big celebration still leaves you with a clogged kitchen sink and backed up toilet, call a plumber. Don’t let the problem fester for days. You’ll not only save yourself money in the process. You’ll also ensure the safety and beauty of your home, for another big occasion.

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