An Emotional Investment: Buying a House as a Symbol of Love

Home InvestmentBuying a house is more than just a financial investment because it is an emotional one as well. You are placing a huge amount of money into a material object, albeit an object large enough to live in. This makes it all the more meaningful because a house isn’t just something one owns — it can also be a symbol of love.

Take, for example, House and Lot for Sale, with their catalog of affordable homes in Cavite. Their selection includes single-attached homes and townhouses fit for families. As part of a master-planned community, Lancaster New City, Cavite has a church, school, the Suntech iPark, and Downtown Lancaster within the area to provide whatever it is that you may need.

The convenience and accessibility that the development project offers makes buying a house a smart investment. But you may also be wondering how it can be an emotional investment?

Owning a House as Love’s Manifestation

Filipino culture is quite family-oriented. It may surprise some foreigners to discover how a house in the Philippines is open to extended family members. Aside from the immediate members of the family; father, mother, and kids — the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are also residents of the same house. A tightly-knit family is part of Filipino culture and hospitality is a trait adding to how warm and welcome a home is.

Purchasing a house becomes an emotional investment, especially for a family owning their first home. This is a space they will be interacting with for years, eventually growing and aging with the house. As a family lives in their home, they begin to invest in it emotionally.

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Passing down the family house, from the parents to the children, is a manifestation of love. And it can continue on for succeeding generations. There is a reason why a house is different from a home — and family becomes synonymous to home.

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