Are Barn Doors Suited to Your Home’s Design?

Interior Barn DoorIn recent home trends, barn doors took over as French doors began to wade in the sidelines. They are made from any material and can enhance the personality of a home. It doesn’t matter if you want a streamlined look with steel and a rustic style with wrought iron. Personalized interior barn doors can go with practically anything. However, before join this new trend, consider the following factors first.

The Structural Stability

Determine if the existing structure you want to replace or add is sturdy enough. The barn door or sliding door system offers an equal distribution of weight across the header. Yet, it is not enough because the hardware, track and point load is positioned outside the frame. You have to identify if the barn door you chose is too heavy to be supported by the track system, especially if you want to do a DIY.

The Location

One thing you need to remember is that barn doors aren’t ideal for any location. For example, using a barn door in your bathroom might not give you the privacy you need. Remember that this door only hovers over the entryway on the outside track. It will conceal the entryway completely, but it won’t be like your regular sealing door.

The Design

Most people adore the rustic charm of a worn out wooden barn door, while others like the classy look of an etched glass slider. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, just ensure that your barn doors enhance the general charm of your home and not detract it.

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Select a material that complements your home. Imagine being in a Zen retreat and seeing a stainless steel barn door. It screams anything, but relaxing. If you want a more relaxed design, get a chalkboard barn door where your kids can also play with. You need to understand that a barn door can last for a long time, so your decisions matter if you don’t want to waste extra finances in the future.

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