Are You Ready for Spring? The Things You Should Do for Your House

Home Preparation While people look forward to Spring, it presents homeowners with unique challenges. The article highlights three crucial home maintenance routine necessary to get ready for the spring season to safeguard the family’s health and welfare.

Spring is just around the corner, and you must get your house all spic and span to prevent any eventualities. Other the usual spring cleaning – dusting, floor scrubbing and straightening the closets – you need to carry out routine house maintenance.

While the thought of doing maintenance-related activities doesn’t quite rank high on your to-do list, it is imperative for your peace of mind and severely affects your comfort level. Think what happens when your air conditioning system or furnace fails. Just how habitable would be your home? Worse still, failure to improve water drainage leads to mold buildup and your foundation rotting away.

Have the air conditioning ready

Broken air systems could leave you with some hefty medical bills if you have a member of the household with severe allergies. It doesn’t have to be the case, though, if you will have regular air duct cleaningYou can be sure to have clean, fresh air in your home. They change the filters, clean the coils as well as the condensers and the furnace as well.   

Clean the gutters   

Simply leaning a ladder against the wall and cleaning the drain not only ensures proper flow of water from your roof, but also insures your house from water damage. You don’t want water damage on the shingles, siding, eaves or worse still leaking into the house. Water flowing down the wall leaves the wall damp and could lead to mold forming on the inner dry walls. Such infestations cost thousands of dollars to fix, and you can never be hundred percent sure.

Seal the holes to keep out vermin and insects   

Having rats scurrying around your house at night, disturbing your sleep, leaving urine stains all over the place is hardly anyone’s wish, but it happens all the time. Check the entry points for wires and pipes and seal them with spray foams to ensure no gaps.

It is quite easy to forget these simple task and it could cost you thousands of dollars to repair the damage that results. Outsource the repairs if you can’t make the time.

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