Are You Ready to Shift to a Small Car?

Small Car in DenverThe latest small cars are not like the ones that gave subcompacts a bad rep back in the day. Those older cars are known for being uncomfortable and unsafe. These days, however, auto manufacturers are applying more science, aesthetics, ergonomics, and aerodynamics to their new small car releases.

That being said, however, and the argument for considering a small car on your next purchase being made, it is still a decision that’s entirely up to you. This post is just here to help you decide if it’s indeed time for you to move from your beloved Expedition to a Mini.

Are you ready to go small?

Are you still driving several kids to soccer practice? If we’re talking two or three kids, a small car is fine, but if there are more, it can get cramped real quick. Are you using an SUV to carry items for your business all the time? A box of vegetables is easy for a little car, but with heavy and bulky items you’ll be better off with your SUV or a pickup truck.

Shifting to a new job in the city that only requires you to commute to work and back? This is the time to shift to a Prius or something smaller and more fuel efficient. Even if you owned a small business and are worried about moving, you can hire commercial movers in Denver like Lightspeed Delivery, Inc. for that. You won’t be moving every day.

What You’re Giving Up

A bigger vehicle, such as an SUV, a pickup, a minivan, a van, or a full-sized sedan, will give you more space, towing power, and speed. You also get that satisfying sound when you rev the engine. But when you think of what you’re giving up when you shift to a small car, you should also think about what you’re gaining: less parking space required, fuel economy, a nimble drive especially for small city streets, a lower price tag, and a more affordable premium on your insurance. It also costs less to maintain and wash.

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A small car, especially a hybrid, is not for everyone. That’s why before you think of shifting, test drive a few models and see if it’s something you can live with. If it is, just enjoy the benefits it will give you.

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