At First Glance: The First Things Home Buyers Notice in a Home

a couple moving inSelling a house in New Jersey, or anywhere else for that matter, is mainly about making the right impression. People form firm opinions about a house seconds after stepping through the door. It’s essential, therefore, to make the right impression from the very beginning.

The key is to know what will amaze or discourage potential buyers so you can adjust your home improvements accordingly. For your information and inspiration, these are the things home buyers first notice when they step into a home:

Natural Lighting

Lighting inside a house is one of the first things people notice in an open house. As they visitors come in, they will quickly see the change in the amount of light from the sunny outdoor to the dark indoors. Dim foyers and entrances don’t make for an impressive first impression. Additionally, low indoor lighting keeps your interior design from popping out. Paintings, accent pillows, and other decorative items could look dull and boring.

Similarly, a house flooded with glaring, bright light (natural or artificial) in common rooms with large windows can make people feel uncomfortable. Potential buyers may not appreciate the interior designs or even look at the space properly because the lighting is too bright for comfort.

Regulating the amount of light entering a room is important. One way to do this is to have the right window treatments for your property. Interior designers in Fair Haven, New Jersey recommend customizing shutters or window blinds. It allows you to incorporate aesthetic designs on a practical window feature. More importantly, you can show potential buyers how easy it is to control the amount of natural light coming into the room.

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The Indoor Space

A cramped entryway might give the impression that the entire house has a limited floor space. Considering that many open house visitors are families for whom space is a priority, you may want to open up the area or at least create the illusion of a bigger space. You can use mirrors, clear out the clutter, and adopt a minimalist interior design.

The Smell

Believe it or not, home buyers are sensitive to scents inside a prospective house. They come intending to inspect the place, so their senses are heightened; and when it comes to odors, unpleasant ones turn them off.

You can use scents to your advantage though. For example, real estate agents often bake cookies for open houses because the smell of baked goods can make a house feel cozy. People coming in will smell the fresh treats and imagine how wonderful it could be to live in such a home.

Remember, you might only have one chance to impress a potential buyer. Improve the areas and features that people notice first so you can make a positive first impression.

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