Beating the Summer Heat

Woman dehydrated due to the summer heatSummer means enjoying the beach, getting a tan, sipping cool drinks and enjoying fun activities outdoors. However, getting too hot may dampen your good mood especially inside your house. Learn how you can beat the heat this summer with these budget-friendly tips.

All-out budget: energy-efficient air conditioner

If you have the money to buy it, investing in an energy efficient air conditioner would be your best bet to beat the summer heat. Compared to regular A/Cs, energy efficient ones conserve more energy. Look for a provider that offers free air conditioner installation in Salt Lake City.

Mid-range budget: ceiling fans

You may not have the money yet to buy an energy efficient A/C unit, but you can always buy something that will do the job for a lesser price: fans. Ceiling fans are great options to have your house properly ventilated. They also do a great job of providing continuous airflow, so your house stays cool despite the scorching heat outside.

The problem with this is that the more fans you use, the more your electric bills will go up.

Low or no budget: do simple changes

Of course, you have the choice not to shell out a dime to keep your house cool, especially if you already have what you need to keep your house cool. Energy efficient light bulbs produce less heat compared to incandescent bulbs. Using both ceiling fan and A/C unit is also better.

Do not forget to clean and change your HVAC system’s filters at least every quarter to make it more efficient when cooling your home. Another easy way is to plant trees to provide a natural shade and keep the heat from your home.

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Whatever your budget may be, you can beat the heat this summer by doing things to ensure your house stays cool and comfortable. Be sure to make your preparations early so that you can enjoy summer and have fun.

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