Blinds and Shutters Make a Difference in a Student’s Performance?

Window Blinds in AustraliaDuring the examination period, thousands of students flock to their safe haven and personal sanctuary: their bedrooms. Since preparation for exams requires focus, most of them choose to drown in books and research in the comforts of their rooms.

Research reveals that the right kind of learning environment plays a role in successful studying. Apart from the colour of the walls and texture of the bed, window treatments (e.g., blinds and shutters) also have a part. These bedroom additions do not just add aesthetics to the room; shutters, double roller shades and blinds promote better lighting and air circulation.

The right amount of natural light combined with limited glare makes a big difference in any student’s performance.

Brighter Brains with Natural Light

Students need to feel motivated and more focused while studying for the exams. Due to the stresses of reviews, it’s only natural for them to feel tired every now and then. A little sunlight, however, is enough to improve their mood and energy levels.

Light has a direct influence on emotions since it reaches the brain through the eyes. Once light touches the hypothalamus, it encourages better regulation of hormones. As a result, light affects biological functions as well as basic drives.

Motorised blinds, complete with light sensors, automatically rise in the morning, waking students with natural daylight. Students can easily control the amount of sunlight they allow in the room. Also, most motorised blinds come with student-friendly price tags.

Concentrate Better with Colours

Students who wish to improve their concentration will benefit from window treatments in shades of blue and green. These cool colours help improve memory, attention and emotional composure.

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Green, known as the colour of harmony and balance, is helpful during times of stress brought about by examinations. It is also fit for tired eyes. Blue, on the other hand, stimulates better concentration through clearer thoughts. It also encourages better creativity for projects or write-ups.

Blinds and better studying might seem like a ridiculous combination, but these window treatments are essential in promoting better resting and studying for the hardworking student.

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