Bolder Bedroom Colors, Better Bedroom Intimacy

Bedroom's Wallpaper DesignDo you want to spice things up and have more fun in the bedroom with your partner? A study recently conducted in the United Kingdom recommends considering a change in wallpaper.

The Mirror UK recently reported about a team of researchers conducting an in-depth look into people’s bedroom designs. They discovered a direct link between the level of intimacy and the color of your room. According to the study, people who had purple, red, or black wallpaper had more fun inside the bedroom than those with light colored walls.

Intimate Drive and your Surroundings

Your surroundings dictate the feel of the room. It also serves as a libido booster, which encourages intimacy. This is one of the reasons why couples are more likely to get intimate with each other when staying in a nice hotel.

The study reveals that people with red bedrooms are intimate at least ten times a month, on an average. Those with black wallpapers experience bedroom were intimate at least nine times a month, while those with purple rooms did it at least eight times a month.

Rooms painted dark green, on the other hand, did not encourage much bedroom activity.

Bedroom Décor: Color Me Passionate

There is a definite connection between the color of the room and a person’s mood. Some therapists use color therapy as a healing process for clients. For example, a good shade of purple helps you feel sexier. Because of its mysterious and imaginative nature, most people see it as exotic, rare, and intriguing.

When renovating your bedroom (especially if you have a partner), consider the color of your décor., professional wallpaper merchants, recommends coloring your room in darker shades such as purple, black, and red to encourage more bedroom intimacy.

If purple or these colors are not your style, consult with an interior designer. Some might want light shades of grey or blue for their rooms, but these relax more than encourage you to be intimate. Consult with a color specialist to determine the right shades for your room.

If you want some extra fun with your partner every night, consider changing your wallpapers. The bolder the color, the better the intimacy.

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