Bright Christmas Light Ideas for Your Business

Christmas LightsJust like many homeowners today, business and building owners opt for a single theme when decorating their establishments for the holidays. Gone are the days when one only had to put the brightest lights and tallest trees.

Creativity, along with knowing your options, is a must when coming up with décors and Christmas lights for commercial establishments. Here are some bright ideas:

Light Balls

Create glowing balls in your parking lot and other open areas with Christmas lights, wires, and balls of varying sizes. If you have limited space, you can put them all in a single area, and if space would allow, scatter them all over the place.

Light-Covered Trees

During the Christmas season, it is common to see snow-covered roofs and open areas. Trees also shed leaves. If there are green features in the premises, it is a good idea to put up Christmas trees. Adorning the trees with lights, balls, and other decorations can be a rewarding sight at night.

Unsightly and barren trees, on the other hand, doesn’t warrant cutting down just yet. Covering them with lights will make them dazzle at night, which makes for additional visuals.

Giant Pine Cones

Pine cones, which range from sizes measuring 3” to 5”, make for good accents. For something out of the ordinary, there are 1’ long sugar pine cones that can serve as alternatives. These giant cones, the longest of their kind, can go on windows and doors. Hanging them on a Christmas tree works as well.

Miniature Christmas Trees

During Christmas, one can say that “size does matter.” In a season of tall and towering Christmas trees, it can be a relief to see miniature trees once in a while. These tiny tress can be set up in baskets or pots. They also work well by scattering them around the lobby or around a big Christmas tree.

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Accent Baskets

Instead of packing them away, excess décor can work as additional ornaments. After all, they work best as displays during this season of joy. Gather those unused garlands, ribbons, balls, candy canes, and cones and put them in a decorated basket or box. Place the box under the tree with all the gifts.

There are many ways in dressing up an office or building for the holidays, but nothing really beats the collective sight of these bright Christmas light ideas.

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