Brighten Up: Styling Windows for a Refreshing Atmosphere


Layering thick and heavy curtains is not the only way to style your windows. This is especially true if you want to let some light in and brighten up your home. There are window treatments that are light and airy, giving your rooms a refreshing and energising feel. These are what you should install.

The Wonders of White Curtains

White curtains may be the last thing on your mind when decorating windows, but this can calm any room and make it peaceful. If you think plain white is flat or boring, try white lace fabric. This helps improve airflow and keeps your space comfortable and breezy. White curtains with other designs or patterns are great for adding colour and energy to the room, as well.

Positive Vibes with Softer Hues

Dark drapes can make any space classy and sophisticated, but they can also make it gloomy. Lift up the room’s atmosphere by replacing dark hues with curtains of softer colours. Pastel-coloured drapes are ideal for adding a light and airy touch. Light fabrics likewise reflect light and heat better, which then help open up space and promote a positive vibe.

Light and More with Shutter

Softer fabrics and curtains aren’t the only ones that can brighten up your home. Custom plantation shutters do a remarkable job in beautifying a window and letting the right amount of light. While they are a permanent fixture, they help insulate the room, keep warmth during winter and throw out unwanted heat. This helps the air circulate and reduce your electricity bills.

Vibrant Yet Relaxed with Brighter Hues

While soft coloured curtains are great for a refreshing and comfortable feel, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use bright and lively hues. Orange drapes with red tones can work well in creating a vibrant yet calm atmosphere. Bright pink drapes look great in certain rooms, making the space relaxing and inviting.

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Your choice of fabric and colour greatly affects the overall atmosphere in the space. If you want to lighten up your home, choose softer hues, and pick brighter fabrics with care. Installing shutters are also a great choice if you want an unconventional window furnishing options.

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