Candle Hacks that Make Blackouts a Little Bit Less Depressing

Candle HacksNo matter the case of the blackout, be it because of a zombie apocalypse or natural calamities, the first thing to do is generate light. The next thing you want to do, according to Silsal Design House, is to keep your dinnerware away from risky areas such as the floor and high places.

The last thing you want to experience when the electricity is out is to step on broken glass.

So, if you don’t have a flashlight, a spare phone or even a single candle, don’t worry. This serves as your guide in the dark:

  1. Find your child’s crayons. If push comes to shove and you have no candles left, light a crayon. A regular-sized crayon (sharpened or not) will give you at least 30 minutes of light. But, of course, you will have to find it in the dark–be careful!
  2. Use that butter. This may sound like a weird culinary adventure, but butter candles do work. Simply poke a hole in the middle of the butter and push a rolled out piece of tissue paper that you will ignite. How does this work? It has everything to do with the fat content of butter. When ignited, unsaturated fat chemically changes into a wax-type substance.
  3. Canned candles work, too. Instead of butter, you can also use oil-based canned goods such as tuna. Just bore a hole in the middle of the can and insert a string. You will get three hours of light from this.
  4. Find fruit peels and olive oil. If a fruit is the only content of your refrigerator, don’t worry. Simply peel out a medium-skinned fruit like an orange, pour some olive oil on it and light up the hairs inside. This will act like the old lamps used in medieval times, only more refreshing.
  5. Use waxed cheese. Just like how you would do this for the holidays, eat the cheese, but keep the cheese wax. Since cheese wax has the same properties of candles, you can create one by piecing together the wax parts. Before you patch everything up, place a string in the center.

When the lights go out, grab the nearest butter, fruit or crayon and you will find the light.

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