Caring for Someone with Mobility Challenges

lady assisting a person with disabilityMany people face challenges with mobility every day, whether it is because of a chronic medical condition or an accident that caused a disability. Whatever the reason, these people need help in facing the obstacles and difficulties they encounter in their daily lives.

As a friend, family member or loved one, there are ways you can help care for someone with mobility challenges.

Increase accessibility in the house

Modifications can be made to the person’s home. The house can undergo renovation to widen doors and hallways, add ramps to the entrances, adjust the sinks as well as upgrade the bathrooms to include grab bars, lifting devices and even handicap tubs.

Provide mobility aides

Make it easier for the disabled to move around independently. Consult their occupational therapist or doctor to recommend mobility aides available in the market. These aides include the proper clothing, gloves or other accessories to support the person’s body.

They might recommend cushions, appropriate ramps, or transfer discs or transfer boards to help the person move in and out of bed.

Help the person cope with frustration

Aside from making the person’s home easier to move in, it is also important to remove all hazards that could cause an accident or injury. Making the home safe encourages the disabled to do more things with less difficulty.

Helping your loved one remain physically active can greatly help. Incorporate this into their daily routine and join them in doing regular exercises.

Another way to help the person cope is by looking for the appropriate support group with whom they can share struggles and seek coping strategies. It will help the person not feel alone.

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If your efforts fail and you feel like you are not helping your loved one, friend or family member, don’t lose hope. You can always seek professional help from organizations and professional care providers who are experts in dealing with people with mobility challenges and disabilities.

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