Choosing an Exterior Door For Your Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

Home DoorEvery homeowner wants to have an exterior door that reflects their style and enhances their curb appeal. Furthermore, a good door could also add value to your house when you decide to sell it. If you’ve been struggling with huge energy bills that are also driving you nuts, you’ll be happy to know that you can now choose an energy-efficient exterior door. This can help you cut costs by up to 10% annually. But with the many doors available in the market, how do you know which one to use?

Here’s a comparison between the materials used to make exterior doors, shared by the door contractors themselves.


If you’re looking to make an entry statement with a handcrafted touch, wood may be an excellent material to choose from. Not only is wood considered high end, but it also provides you with a luxe look. While most people will argue that wood requires the most maintenance, wooden doors only need to be refinished or repainted annually to prevent warping and splitting. For energy efficient doors, you can choose FSC certified wooden doors.


Available in different styles, fiberglass doors are versatile and require little maintenance. Additionally, this material doesn’t contract or expand due to weather changes. It is estimated that a fiberglass door can last up to 15 years without requiring any stain touch up or paint. If you’re worried about your security, fiberglass has a stout coating that is difficult to break into. It also has foam core that provides you with insulation.


Considered one of the strongest barriers against any intruders, steel doors provide you with a great way to save money. Moreover, you can get a stylish steel door if you’re on a budget. Steel doors are also durable and can withstand any weather conditions.

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To learn more about the different types of doors available, contact a door contractor today who will help you choose an exterior door that fits your style and budget.

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