Choosing the Right Material for Your Interior Doors

Interior of house with wooden doorsWhen you want to design your home, you want every aspect to fit your design aesthetics but still fulfil its function. This includes doors, both exterior and interior.

Interior doors are made from materials that are not as dense or heavy as those used for external doors. The construction of an interior door is meant for privacy and noise reduction, while an exterior door is meant as a protection from the elements. The dense quality of an exterior door is meant as an insulation from the cold, wind and heat, while interior doors, such as sliding internal doors, are made of lighter materials that would be light and easy for everyday use. Here are interior doors that you could consider for your next building project.

Hollow Core Flush Door

This door type is one of the most popular choices for internal doors. It uses a 3.81 cm solid wood frame, and a cardboard webbing that runs through the interior to prevent drumming and increase rigidity. Although it can bend and dent if struck, it can last over several decades if maintained properly. To ensure durability, purchase one made of birch or oak veneer.

Stamped Hardboard Interior Door

Also known as Masonite, this door is made from a soft material protected with hard-baked paint. Some doors in this category are filled with particleboard or foam while others have a hollow core. They last for a long time if maintained well. However, if they absorb moisture, the hardboard swells up making it difficult to repair.

Medium Density Fibreboards

The popularity of these fibreboards increased recently. They come in different colours and are also available in multiple makes and styles. MDF is sturdier than other internal doors and is less susceptible to breaking and denting.

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Modern interior doors use ordinary wood, fibreglass, UPVC, and other synthetic materials to achieve the lightness they need. When you need to look for an internal sliding door or an external door, always ensure that the material that you choose gives you the durability and kerb appeal your home deserves.

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