Cleaning Tips for Your Mattress for that Good Night’s Sleep

Woman cleaning the mattressIt may be a drink spill, a child wetting the bed or sweating through the sheets; either way, stains can be disgusting. Worse still, your bed can become a home for disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, mold or mildew. Take note of these cleaning tips for your bed, if you don’t want to buy new mattresses in Salt Lake City constantly.

Mattress Cover

Covering your mattress is the surest way to protect your mattress. A high-quality cover creates a barrier that protects the mattress from stains, spills and allergens. It is a guarantee that your bed is always clean and stain-free with the cover.

Vacuum the Mattress

Mattresses accumulate all sorts of dirt, dust, dead skin cells, dust mites and oils, among others. If ignored, these can trigger allergic reactions. Use a vacuum cleaner with a clean upholstery attachment to safeguard all that you suck up from the mattress.


Over time, your mattress may develop an unpleasant smell due to body fluids coming into contact with the bed. Some detergents can combat this menace, but you can also use natural deodorizers such as baking soda, vinegar and aeration. Avoid combining vinegar and baking soda, though, as their chemical reaction could neutralize the resulting product, making it less efficient.

Words of Caution to Prolong Your Mattress’ Lifespan

Rotate your mattress once in a while so that it wears off evenly. Doing this also helps extend the life of your mattress. Avoid liquids at all costs and use fans to dry the mattress in case it gets wet. If mold or mildew is causing the odor, consider replacing your mattress as there is no way to completely remove the toxic gas they produce.

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Your bed ought to be the most comfortable part of your home, so keeping it clean and odor-free is vital. Keep these tips in mind when you clean your mattress at home!

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