Common Pool Heating Methods in Australia

Lovely swimming poolWith a heated swimming pool, you can enjoy a splash at any time of the year. However, not every pool heating method would be suitable for your needs. Below is an analysis of the most common pool heating methods in Australia.

Solar pool heating

This method utilises the sun’s energy in heating the pool water. Companies like Pool Solar and Spa installs solar collectors on the roof of your home where they can get maximum exposure to the sun and light. You need a pump to pump the water up to the collectors on the roof where heat is transmitted. The heated water is then channeled back to the swimming pool through the return pipes. Although the installations costs are significantly high, this system is very cheap to maintain.

Pool heat pumps

Many consider this as the most efficient heating method available for swimming pools today. It utilises electricity to extract heat from the surrounding ambient air temperature which is then used to heat the water. Water is passed through the heating chamber where it interacts with heated gas formed through a compressor. It is this gas that heats the water. As electricity is not used to heat the water, the running costs are low. It is a reliable method to heat water throughout the year because it does not rely on sunlight. It is friendly to the environment because there are no emissions. Pool heat pumps in Perth have gained much popularity over the years because of their advantages over other pool heating methods.

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Gas heating

This method of heating utilises natural gas to heat water. Water circulates through a heater. The heater is a combustion chamber where the fuel burns to produce energy. As water flows through this chamber, the pool eventually gets heated up. The running costs of a gas heater are lower than that of an electric heater. However, it increases your carbon footprint.

Electric heater

In this type of heating, water is heated directly by electric power. An electrical heater heats the water as it flows through the device. The circulation of water provides sufficient heating for the pool. An electric heater is easy to install as it only requires a connection to the mains power. However, this heating system is expensive to maintain because power costs can be high. Choosing a heating method for your swimming pool should be determined by many factors, but most of all, reliability and the cost.

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