Decorating Your Home with Rugs

Hardwood FloorAvailable in various colors, sizes and patterns, rugs add appeal to homes as they also provide comfort and safety. Choosing the right rug, however, isn’t always that easy, especially when you have a purpose and style in mind. Pick the ideal rug for your home by considering the factors below.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Rugs address a certain kind of living and while most can adapt to homes and commercial spaces alike, it is still important to consider the owner’s lifestyle. Do you have pets? How about children? A white rug may not be the ideal choice, but a wool rug could be the perfect fit.

Identify its Purpose

While rugs often serve a utilitarian purpose such as preventing outside dirt or keeping feet warm, one must know its exact purpose on a living space. If you’re planning to use it as decoration, then patterned rugs are the way to go. Rugs could also serve as space dividers so make sure that your purchase fits the need.

Consider Your Style

Attractive and eye-catching rugs can look horrible, especially when paired with the wrong floor and furnishings. According to a company that specializes in wood floor installation in Meridian, ID, rugs can soften the look of dark hardwood floors and at the same time define sitting rooms in open spaces. Make sure that your area rug can work with the tones and textures of existing furnishings as to prevent mismatching.

Cleanliness and Timelessness

At the first sign of odor and discoloration, rugs require proper cleaning as to prevent stains and deterioration. An antique rug for example will need professional cleaning, especially if placed in high-use rooms. Other kinds of rugs, however, are low in maintenance and only require dry cleaning.

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Know How Much You Can Spend

Rugs can be expensive and while deciding which to purchase, its cost can be a real deal breaker. Spending a bit more on a high-quality rug may be better than purchasing mediocre-quality rugs at a bargain store. Know which works for you and if it suits your budget.

Bring home a rug that fits your purpose and style while making sure that it also suits your budget and space. With so many sizes and colors to choose from, making the right choice could be that easy.

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