Designing a Lovely Kitchen in Tiny Space

View of a small kitchen interiorIf you have a tiny kitchen, you may be tempted to give up on your kitchen remodeling dreams. But for homeowners in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a kitchen remodel can make even a tiny kitchen more efficient and even appear spacious.

Choose the right furniture

Consider see-through chairs, which are easier on the eyes particularly if you have too many things all stacked up in one corner.

A narrow island which doubles as a cabinet can add counter space if you love to cook.

If you have to choose between storage and counters, choose the latter. The kitchen is a busy work area so that you will need adequate space for food preparation. You won’t need all of your kitchen equipment every day or all at once so they can be kept in a separate part of the house. Your storage woes can be easily addressed by preparing well before you cook.

Don’t avoid furnishings

Many designers swear by it: expose your clutter. This is a counter-intuitive advice, but you can place them in an orderly manner.  Hang your frequently-used pots and pans and open covered cupboards.

If you can’t find space for mirrors, choose materials with reflective surfaces. These are enough to create an illusion of extended space.

Choose lighter colors with bright accents because darker walls and counters will make any room look cramped.

Customize and reduce

Customize your cabinets based on the shapes and sizes of the actual items you have. It will make storage and access even more efficient.

Keep what you need. Some people hoard their junk, but with limited space to work with, it’s high time to break this habit.

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Find smart ways to utilize odd and frequently-overlooked places in the kitchen like the gap between the door and the fridge, the space beneath chairs, or the area above your stove.

Cooking can still be a joy even with a tiny kitchen. Just be sure to seek out professional guidance to avoid costly remodeling mistakes and create a space that is beautiful and efficient.

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