Enjoy a Dip Even at Night: Lighting Options for Swimming Pools

Swimming pool at nightThere are many hours in the summertime to soak around in your pool and your pool time need not stop with sunset. You can extend your pool hours by getting an efficient pool lighting system. The lighting provides safety for night swimming and also adds style to your pool.

However, Dolphin Pools & Spas will be the first to tell you that installing pool lighting is no DIY project. It carries significant risks of electrocution. It is hence prudent and safe to get a pool builder in Utah to install and maintain your lights. Here are some efficient lighting options for your swimming pool.

Halogen Lights

Halogen bulbs are renowned for their extended lifespan and energy efficiency. The bulbs use up to 20% less energy compared with other bulbs. They contain halogen gas and have a filament that produces light.

The gas causes these bulbs to function at high temperatures, and hence even small bulbs produce sufficient light. Halogen bulbs are ideal for flood, feature and surface-mounted underwater pool lighting.

Fiber-Optic Lights

In this option, the light source is above the pool and in a box cooled by fans. The light travels through solid plastic pipes to a lens for the final lighting effect.

You can use fiber-optic lights for perimeter and in-pool lighting. These lights, however, have a high installation cost and are not as durable as other options.

LED Lights

LED lights use white or another color to produce light rather than a filament. There is hence no heat consumption and no filament shadow, and the lights have numerous color options.

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LED lights are also among the most energy-efficient and long-lasting pool lighting options available. They are suitable for flood, feature, floating, submersible as well as flush and surface-mounted pool lighting.

Solar Lights

Another option for pool lighting is solar lights. They attach to the pool’s sides and point downward, illuminating the pool floor. Solar lights are mainly used for above-ground floating pool lights to create a magical decorative effect.

There you have it — your options for pool lighting. Now you can enjoy swimming in your pool (which actually has health benefits!) even when the sun is down.

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