Ensure Your Safety with this Flood-Preparedness Checklist

Flooded AreaFloods can happen almost anywhere. They are not limited to coastal areas and have affected more regions than many are aware of.

Floods are some of the most common and costly natural disasters in the country. For people living in Cavite, the occasional typhoons and flashfloods are hardly surprising. Regardless of its frequency, no one is used to the damages. Thankfully, some parts of the province are not as prone to floods. Even if you’re living in these cities, it pays to be prepared at all times.

Lancasternewcity-cavite.com shares this checklist on how to stay flood-ready for the entire year:

Stay updated with the news

  • If you’re in an all-year high-risk area, keep an ear out for local warnings
  • Tune into the local radio or TV for updates. Alert your relatives and neighbors, especially the elderlies

Safeguard your house

  • Place any electrical components, like switches, sockets, and circuit breakers at least 12 inches above your home’s projected flood elevation
  • Get rid of any debris from gutters
  • Have a designated place for valuables, furniture, and important documents
  • If you expect a power failure, install a battery-operated backup

Create a family emergency plan

  • Prepare and set aside a safety kit including first aid, canned food, drinking water, flashlights, and radio
  • Set aside emergency cash.
  • Ask a relative or a friend to be your emergency family contact
  • Put emergency phone numbers by the phone
  • Practice an evacuation route with your kids and familiarize safe routes from home, school, and work

In 2013, Cavite had one of its highest floods, the water reaching about 8 feet high at its peak. Families lost many of their possessions while some people went missing.

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Following through a checklist can minimize losses in your home and ensure your family’s safety. A flood-free household and neighborhood are every homeowner’s dream, but given the country’s history on natural disasters, it may be impossible to find. In this case, staying ready all year long is the next best thing.

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