Facts About Chimney Inspection

Man cleaning the chimneyHaving your chimney inspected should be left to the experts because it requires more skill than just sweeping soot. Getting your chimney inspected improves airflow, which in turn regulates the warmth of your home. Below are some facts you should know about in maintaining this important part of your home.

Should you inspect even without use?

One common myth people believe is that since they do not often make use of their chimneys, there’s no need for regular inspections. Even though the idea of setting aside such a laborious chore sounds practical, ChimneySweepUK reveals this is not entirely true. Outside factors such as water damage and cracks could compromise your chimney. Plenty of things could go wrong, including dirt reaching into your living room, even without making use of your chimney.

How often should you have it inspected? Giving expert access into the chimney at least once every year is recommended. However, if you are having new installations such as wood-burning stove or a fireplace you need it to be inspected midway through the first season of using it. This guarantees everything is working as intended.

How can you maintain your chimney and fireplace? Apart from letting a professional inspect the chimney on a regular basis, there are other things you can do by yourself. First, you should always clean the ashes from the fireplace and do not let them accumulate. A professional conduct chimney cleaning in London just sounds about right for this task. You should also be cautious to make sure you burn nothing other than dry firewood in the fireplace.

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Having an annual inspection will check for any blockages or build up in the chimney. The seasons are unpredictable, so when the time comes, you might need to light a fire to make your home comfortable. This is where chimney inspection becomes a necessity.

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