Facts You Need to Know: Learning Residential Building Codes

Modern apartment balconyUnless you have an extensive background in building a house, you can't — and shouldn't — do it alone, so you rely on the expertise of your contractors. Doing this doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn a thing or two about building standards, though.

To help you take an active participation in the building process, keep in mind these regulations:

About Your Stairs

The standards for stairs construction depend on the building class. If your home is class 1a and 1b, which includes a row house or a villa, your flight of stairs should have no less than two but no more than 18 risers. A flight of stairs can have winders and risers with no landing. The standards are also strict on the dimensions of the goings and risers, which should be consistent throughout the flight.

Remember these when working with experts in architecture stairs. Ackworth House noted that such experts don't only design the most fabulous staircases for your home, they are well versed on every standard there is.

About Your Deck

Australia has one of the most beautiful outdoors. During summer nights, it’s always a fun time to gather friends on the deck. The building standards, though, require one to have handrails if a person has a chance of falling more than a metre from the building or floor. The higher the deck, the more regulations you have to think about, so plan your decks well.

About Your Roof

The updated installation codes for metal roofing and cladding released in 2015 introduced a new clause for those using insulated roof panels. The code defines these panels as two metal sheets attached to an insulation core. As there are many manufacturers out there, the process and requirements for installation will depend on the brand and the manufacturer’s instruction.

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You can always point your finger to your contractor if your home doesn’t follow the building standards, but that doesn’t acquit you completely either. Work better as a team by teaching yourself the basics. 

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