Fight the Digital Apocalypse: Getting Your Kids to Go Outside

A family playing at the beachKids these days have become homebodies. With the influx of desktop computers, smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as online games, a lot of kids prefer to have more “screen time” over going outside to get some sun and fun.

The outdoors is beneficial for your kids. Other than shaping their physical health, the outdoors can also improve your kid’s social circle. Now is the time to get them to go outside. If you think that this is going to be hard work, don’t worry. There are some easy ways you can make them love the outside world. Here are some of them.

Just let them play

A lot of kids have this hesitation to go out because of fear that their parents will scold them for getting dirty. But, that’s the purpose of the outdoors, right? Encourage your kids to go outside by giving them something to play with. For one, you can build a tree house. If you want something safer, get your kids a wooden cubby house.

Go out with them

The best thing you can do is go out with them. Slowly, introduce your kids to the outdoors by engaging them in simple outdoor activities. You may start with picnics. If they like it, you can move on to hiking and camping, for example. If you have the money and time, you can send them to summer camps.

Invite their friends

Your kids may get lonely. Their interest in the outdoors might dwindle if they do not have someone to have fun with. Invite their friends on some weekends. Prepare healthy snacks — sandwiches, finger foods, and lemonade. It doesn’t take much to make their afternoon great.

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These are only some of the things you can do to get your kids to love the outdoors. Ask them what they really want to do and give them full support.

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