Filled With Fun Memories: 5 Games You Can Play in Swimming Pools

a family having fun at a swimming poolSwimming pools are not just empty spaces with water; they are areas to make fun memories with friends and family. This is especially true for a child who can create powerful memories of frolicking with mom, dad or siblings at a pool.

If you are a parent now, here are some swimming pool games you can have with your kids.

Chicken Fight

Fibreglass swimming pools are the “in” thing now in Perth, and you can have a chicken fight — a classic pool game — during summers. It is done by having two persons piggyback on the shoulders of two others people.

Once paired, the two teams will then engage one another until one person falls off their partner’s shoulders.

Noodle Jousting

Noodle jousting is another competitive game in which people on opposite sides ride on inflatable rafts. The two sides then try to knock each other down using pool noodles, just like how knights in medieval times used to joust with each other on their horses.

Mermaid Races

Also referred to as dolphin or submarine races, this game involves swimming underwater to see who can stay the longest while holding their breath. The first ones to emerge from underwater will lose, while the last ones to stay will win. This is better if parents are watching.


Floating objects, such as ping-pong balls, will be placed on the water in this game. The task is to collect as many of these objects as possible. The one with the most objects wins.

Scavenger Hunt

This is similar to the ping-pong game, but instead of letting objects float on water, you leave them in the bottom of the pool. The objective is to collect these objects, which will involve swimming and diving skills. If kids are playing this, a shallow pool is recommended.

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In summary, swimming pools bring memories of carefree play. Parents and kids can have several games in the pool, which will involve teamwork and swimming skills. If you would like a pool of your own, enquire now with the pool builders at Guardian Pools and have your own fun memories!

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