Find Out If You Have a Disaster Lurking Under Your Roof Shingles

Closeup of Roof ShinglesThe roof forms an essential part of any building. It not only protects the entire structure from weather elements, but it also adds to your building’s visual appeal.

A majority of people understand that they have to maintain their roofs to safeguard its integrity. However, knowing when to bring in a qualified contractor is by no means an easy feat. With that said, below are various signs that need you to contact McKinney-based roofers.

Damaged flashing

Whether made from plastic, rubber, or metal, flashing is your roofs most important part as it deflects moisture from seams and joints. Flashing provides a waterproof barrier with its perfect fit.

However, bad weather and age may end up compromising its quality leading to some serious structural damage to your house. As such, you should not ignore even the smallest flashing leaks as they let water into the shingles, hence promoting wood rot and algae growth.

Lighting Through the Attic

Condensation and water are not the only symptoms of a leak through a faulty roof; sunlight too can creep in. To identify this fault, walk through your attic on a sunny day, locate any spots through which the sunlight is coming through, and seal them immediately.

Failure to do so might open up room for wild animals accessing your house, ventilation problems or even water damage.

A Sagging and Buckling Roof

This is rather hard to spot since it does not happen overnight. Mostly, roofs will sag on the ridges and slopes. Sometimes, though, the sagging might occur in the attic in between the rafters. This issue commonly occurs in old buildings with roofs constructed using rafters instead of trusses.

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When any of these issues occur, it is essential to get licensed and bonded roofers to help you. It is only through a thorough inspection and proper repair or replacement you will restore the integrity of your structure

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