Fires Around Utah: Are You Safe?

Fire HazardThe morning of May 21st was not a good one for 25 Salt Lake City residents. After a fire robbed them of their homes, residents are reeling from the incident. 

It’s not easy to predict when a fire will occur. This sad truth makes it hard to prepare for such an accident. What Utahns can do, however, is watch for signs that their house is prone to fire. 


The fire that injured three residents and caused at least $200,000 in damage was accidental, reports say. Several factors contribute to the occurrence of fires in parts of Utah. 

A news site reports “record-breaking warm weather and unseasonably dry conditions” as reasons for the prevalence of fires in February. Despite the temperatures going down a bit in the next two months, household-specific conditions still make properties prone to danger. 

Causes of fire

Furnace ducts, when not maintained, cause accidents even in normal weather conditions. Lint and debris buildup in the ducts may ignite and endanger anyone in the house. Even washers and dirty filters also cause problems beyond higher energy bills. As a general rule at home, maintain your appliances and keep them clean. Filter replacement and furnace duct cleaning are easy enough and can save you from possibly losing your home. 

Cover any exposed wirings and avoid overloading sockets. There is a high risk of overloading the system if you’re using extensions throughout the house. Government websites also suggest checking if your light bulbs are too powerful for their fittings. If this is the case, replace them. 

Older homes with inefficient wiring systems may need special attention. Before buying that secondhand home, Utahns should conduct a house inspection to guarantee that everything is working properly. You may need expert help in this. 

Over 5,000 residential fires happen yearly. To ensure that you’re not part of the statistics, keep the home safe and in good condition.

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