Flood Cleanup: Effective Cleaning Methods

A flooded residential areaModern flood cleanup technologies have elevated water damage mitigation from just a practice to a science. Specialists train on advanced procedures to make the recovery process simple and safe.

For specialists to eliminate guesswork and provide a predictable, consistent outcome, they have trained on advanced procedures and the use of special equipment. Ensure proper flood cleanup in Salt Lake City. AAA Restoration cites three full-proof methods below.

Mapping Wetness

To eliminate water and moisture from your home, you should use tools such as infrared imaging, moisture meters, and thermal hygrometers. They not only measure the moisture content and record its extent, but they also help in the verification and tracking of the drying process. This way, you can tell the areas that have dried and to what standard, as well as identify the areas that need more attention.

Drying and Cleaning

Unlike the yesteryears of do-it-yourself mop and bucket method of drying, modern ways of water damage remediation have developed far and beyond. Technology has resulted in equipment such as a rapid suction extractor.

This helps in drying your carpet without having to remove your carpet. There is also the submersible pump, which eliminates in-depth gathering of interior flooding, in areas such as the basement. Last is the air mover, which circulates plenty of air directed to a specific floor, wall, or surface to accelerate drying.


The Environmental Protection Agency registered and approved the sanitizer for public health use, among three other antimicrobials. A sanitizer will reduce but not necessarily eliminate the harmful microorganisms on any treated surface. As such, it is important that you sanitize your home after a flood cleanup to get rid of any developing microorganism.

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Note that with water damage cleaning, time is of the essence. The sooner you eliminate moisture, the higher the chances of preventing structural damage, as well as the growth of harmful mold. Therefore, contact a professional flood cleaning company for fast and efficient services.

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