For a Very Important Date: Hosting an Arabic Tea Party

Arabic Tea PartySay that you want to host something casual, but still sophisticated for your friends and family. Shared drinks and a culture of hospitality are common in Dubai. Bars can feel too impersonal; dinner parties can be overwhelming. Tea parties, however, create a relaxed, pleasing atmosphere where people can get together without stress.

An Arabic tea party blends the concept of parties and relaxed drinks together, allowing a hassle-free good time for everyone. Here are some tips to follow that could turn yours from good to great.

Set the Scene

The ambiance will determine the mood of any party. How you choose to decorate the space influences how comfortable your guests will be. Good times and stimulating conversation can only happen if everyone is at ease.

If you want an Arabic tea party, thoughtfully decorate the space with appropriate pieces. You can even find some home accessories that fit your theme online. There is no need for extravagance. Simple accents like cups decorated with Maghrebi calligraphy or bowls adorned with Ashkaal patterns can do the trick.

Find the Perfect Blend

What would a tea party be without the tea?

Be mindful of what you serve at your party. Maybe some of your guests prefer organic teas. Perhaps some of them have dietary restrictions you need to take into account when you serve snacks.

There are wide varieties of tea blends that are accessible in Dubai. You can personalise your party even more if you prepare the blends from scratch. Providing your guests with the freedom to choose and experiment can make your party livelier and more interactive. You can also choose to serve some popular blends like Maghrebi mint tea hot or over ice.

Plan Fun Activities

Catching up with colleagues, friends or family over tea can be a wonderful experience. You can add more fun to a traditional tea party with quirky activities like trying to read each other’s tea leaves. Activities like this can make your party more memorable with your guests afterwards.

Tea parties do not require a lot of effort. In the end, for a great tea party, you only need to bring three things to the table: company, conversation and a good cup of tea.

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