Four Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

2 guys installing garage doorYou might have tried opening your garage door after a long day at work to park your car only to be disappointed. It must be the least of the things that you want to deal with after a tiresome day at work. In fact, the worst bit is when you don’t know why the garage door is not opening. A common cause of broken garage doors is broken springs. Here are the reasons why garage door springs become faulty.

1. Poor Maintenance

While garage door springs break often, poor maintenance is a leading cause of broken springs. You can prevent this by lubricating the coils at least three times in a year. Also, you can consult a garage door repair expert to check on the springs’ balance.

2. Wear and Tear

On average, garage door springs last for about 10,000 cycles, and a cycle is when it closes and opens. Your garage door springs can last up to four years. Therefore, if your garage door springs have lasted for more than four years, you need to replace them.

3. Incorrect Springs

When you use the wrong wire size or spring length, your door springs will break as soon as you have installed the door. You can hire a garage door installer who will fit the torsion springs. The size and length of the springs depend on the use of the garage door and its weight.

4. Rust Buildup

The last cause of broken garage door springs is rust. Rust shortens the lifespan of garage door springs because of the friction it causes. Fortunately, you can protect your door springs by lubricating them every few months.

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The sound of springs breaking feels like a gunshot or firecracker. Most people don’t understand why garage door springs break. Fortunately, this article can enlighten you to the root of the problem.

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