Granny Flat Builders: Things You Need to Know

A model of a houseThose stand-alone properties found beside a home is more than just a storage unit. More often than not, it is a house known as a granny flat. A granny flat is a unit initially designed in such a way that makes most things are easily accessible and available, especially for those who live alone (hence the name).

Over the years, the use of granny flats has evolved. Nowadays, everyone builds granny flats to rent them out to long-term and short-term tenants. Here are some important things to make sure you get it right the first time.

Things to look for in a granny flat builder

Reliability and Experience

How long has the builder been in the business? How many granny flats have they built? Can they offer references? These questions are very important as this helps you gauge the builder’s reliability and experience. These two things are vital for the successful completion of your granny flats.

License, Warranty, and Insurance

Like any other contractor, granny flat builders should also have a proper licence to operate. Their workers should also be fully insured, have a warranty for repairs and replacements should be presented early on in the transaction. You should avoid a contractor that does not offer all of these.

Design and Regulations

Make sure your contractor knows the local regulations for building granny flats in your locality. Your design or the design that they suggest should adhere to your community’s local standards.

Communication and Transparency

Building a granny flat is something that cannot be done overnight. Make sure you know how and where to reach your contractor when needed. Open communication is important throughout the building period.

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Granny flats might just take a smaller space on your property. But make sure that it is built the way you want it to help you achieve your purpose.

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