Granny Flats vs. Home Extensions: Which is Better?

Granny Flat made of container metal in a backyardHaving an extra living space is good all around – it provides additional areas while boosting the value of your property. When it comes to extensions, you have many options. But should you go for a freestanding granny flat for sale or add to your existing house?


There are various benefits to building an extra living space. But you always need to make this choice: should you invest on a freestanding granny flat or just redesign the existing plan for that additional room or two?

Granny Flats vs. Home Extensions

For many people, it all depends on their budget and the area of their property. If you have a large enough backyard, you could choose a granny flat to have an extra office space for your home office or den.

Many granny flats are for sale, and you can buy them as a complete structure you can install in any open space. It does not have to follow the same design as your existing home. You can use them as a separate living space that you could rent out for extra income.

Home extensions, on the other hand, are additional spaces attached to the main house. They have to follow the design and wall structure of the house. They create an extra room or living space in your house. These additional living spaces could be a den, a home office, or a nursery for the new addition to the family.

Whether you buy a granny flat or build an extension, you need to plan everything so it would suit your property. It’s best to ask professionals for advice when it comes to making home additions. But if you buy a granny flat, the only thing you would need is the space and an idea for the interior design, and you’re ready to go.

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