Household Pests in America That Cause Structural and Personal Damage

pest controlNot all household pests bite or transmit diseases, but most do. The creatures with the most impact on homes are those that cause serious structural damage and health problems. Below is a list of household pests that homeowners should deal with promptly.

Bed bugs

While bed bugs do not chew the bedposts and furniture they live in, they feed on human blood. Hiring a bed bug exterminator in Indiana is the best way to eliminate these pests and avoid health problems. Being bitten by these insects is a sign that they are already widespread and that you are dealing with an infestation. It may require treatment of the entire house to remove them from the premises, and you must be ready to undergo the necessary procedures.


When you see little, soft-bodied creatures that seem harmless, do not set them aside as just any other insect. Learning to recognize termites is important for homeowners. They are tireless pests, and their favorite food is wood and cellulose. If you live in a house that is mainly wooden, its integrity suffers due to the action of the colony. Solid wood becomes brittle in time with the presence of termites.

You must contact a pest control company to deal with the colony effectively and promptly. Instead of using over-the-counter termite killers with potentially toxic effects, call the professionals for excellent results.


Squirrels are among the other creatures that can reach your household and chew on structures, causing severe damage. Other than damaging trees, squirrels may feed on sidings and take up temporary shelter in the attic. These animals move fast, and you do not always catch them in action, but you can hear them if you listen carefully.

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To prevent them from causing severe structural damage, you must prevent them from entering the house. Ask for professional help to achieve a positive outcome.

Pest control services are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. No matter where you live or do business, you can find a reliable company to help you get rid of pests.

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