How to Ensure Proper Hygiene for an Elderly Loved One

Woman hugging her motherA survey of Federal Reserve Board previously noted that baby boomers, or those people aged 50 years old and above, highly consider staying in their current home until they get older. Some older adults, however, may decide to stay and be cared for by family members.

Caring for seniors could be a challenge, especially if a loved one is afflicted with a mental condition like dementia. But there are ways your family can maintain their proper hygiene.

Older adults with disabilities may likely require assistance to maintain their hygiene as it becomes difficult for them to do it by themselves.

Keeping the surroundings safe and comfortable is critical

Home renovations, though worth considering, is often expensive when you want to make your house “elderly-friendly.” Parts of the home like bathrooms should be safe for elderly to prevent them from getting hurt.

Elderly hygiene advocate, Heavenly Walk In Tubs, states that your elderly loved one could use handicapped tubs so they no longer need to go to the shower room where they can get hurt.

Understand that some elderly could still have personal hygiene preferences, and it is important that family members respect them to prevent depression or agitation.

Develop a proper approach for uncooperative seniors

There could be times when dementia patients suddenly become obstinate and refuse to go through their usual hygiene routine. To deal with this, families may want to figure out what causes resistance or to bathe them while they are calm and happy.

Communicating with a dementia patient is difficult mostly if the disease has already progressed, so it is important that relatives should give simple instructions.

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When the situation becomes worse even after seeking other family members’ help, relatives may consider other possible options to take care of their elderly loved one.

Maintaining the proper hygiene of an elderly loved one could be a great challenge, mostly if they resist receiving care. But there are ways family members could ensure their loved ones’ get the proper hygiene they deserve.

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