Ice is as Important as the Booze in Your Bar

Ice CubeIf you think your cocktail will taste good and acceptable without ice, try running your bar that way and your reputation could be on the line. Whether in the mix or in the glass, ice is an important cocktail ingredient. Failing to supply ample ice is a formula for bankruptcy.

Ice Matters

To enjoy your negroni, for instance, you’ve got to employ ice to your advantage. One lump should do it added with several pieces of smaller cube ice to complete the drink. Having the spirit without the cubes will be a huge letdown for your clients.

After all, ice is a vital part of the cocktails a bartender can offer. This is how renowned bartender Jerry Thomas revealed his secrets as a bartender. He gave specific instruction on how to get each mixture just right for customers, publishing his seminal work in a book entitled “The Bartender’s Guide” also dubbed as “How to Mix Drinks” or “A Bon Vivant’s Companion.”

In the process, Thomas singlehandedly established bartending as a work of art. However, knowing ice matters and having enough ice for your establishment are two different things.

Shaping Success

This is where an ice cube maker should come in handy, says GMR Supplies. Capable of producing ice in a matter of minutes, you need not worry your guest will start leaving before the ice arrives should you run short.

Even better, an ice cube maker will give you ice that’s crystal clear and shaped just right. Freezing the water directly, the machine churns ice with no microscopic cracks, unlike the ones from your freezer. As a result, your ice is as clear as day.

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Consequently, your customers get all the ice they need giving your establishment enough momentum to grow as much as you want it to.

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