Is It Time to Say Goodbye My Carpet?

Carpet spilled with red wineYour carpet is one of the most hardworking features in your home. But since you’re used to seeing it every day, it could be rough to see little changes when you’re not looking. To help you determine if you need to get your carpet replaced, look out for the following signs.

You Just Can’t Hide the Stains Anymore

Your carpet probably has several years’ worth of stains and spills. Luckily, if you could clean it up right after an accident, you could efficiently minimise or completely remove them, However, there are just some stains that won’t budge, especially if you clean them DIY style. If professional cleaning can’t restore your once lovely Milliken carpet into its former glory, FLR Group notes it’s time to make a change.

Significant Matting and Bald Patches

The fibres in your carpet would naturally wear out over time and result matting or thinning, particularly in areas subjected to daily foot traffic.

It Stinks, Even After Thorough Cleaning

Even if you’ve managed to eliminate a visible, some substances just leave smells behind, especially if the carpet fibres are several years old. If you own a pet, you know how it is, unfortunately.

The Cushion is Just Gone

An uneven-feeling and looking carpet, as well as carpeting that makes you feel like you are not walking on a carpet, are telltale signs that the padding or cushioning is all worn out.

That Damp Feeling

Water damage leaves not only stains but a musty smell as well. Watch out for potential signs of mildew and mould as well.

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Increase Sneezes and Sniffles Even if it’s Not Allergy Season

Older carpeting is a great source of dust, mites, pollen and other invisible allergens so regular cleaning and if necessary, replacement is crucial.

Your Carpet Looks like it came from a TV Show in the 60s…

…and not in a good way. Even if you’ve got the latest gadgets, furniture, and trendy home accessories, if your carpet isn’t up to par with your home’s décor, then all your styling will be for naught.

So keep a close eye on your carpeting, especially if it’s older than five years old and experience heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. Additionally, with regular cleaning and maintenance, you’ll find that your carpet would last much longer.

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